Please can someone help me with my foc boxes?

I’ve finished my build and the only thing left for me to do is program my dual foc box set up!! I’ve been putting it of for time as I’m not very good with computers an such? I’m running 6374 turngy motors .I think thay are 190kv, my be lower, I’ll have to check? With 2 lipo 6s 6200 in serse. Please help, want to ride Hard:

Are u using split servos or CanBus connections?

U have to connect the FocBoxes together either by CanBus or Split Servos

CanBus Capture%20_2018-09-30-21-21-12 Split servo Capture%20_2018-09-30-21-19-37 If u use canbus u only need to program one FocBox and the other will just follow. One “master” and one “slave” But if u use servos u have to individually program each focbox with the same settings excluding the motor detection

Yes Dude, I’ve connected it together, and it works, I can ride it but! One of the motors dosnt seem to be working properly, needs abit of a push to get it going. And wen I’m riding it stutters now an then. It’s scary, it’s thrown me of a few times, Just need to program it right? I’m useless wen it comes to computers, When I got to motor detection it keeps saying, bad detection?

if it says bad detection than something wrong. did you made the motor detection with or without belt? what does the hall sensor table say? they also failed?

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Ye I’ve got it all set up with the belts, dual 6374 turnigy motors, I think there 149kv, I’ll have to set it up again later to have a look at the hall senders, I’ll get back to ya, Thanks for the help Dude!!! I really appreciate it, this has been doing my head in for months.:thinking:

Do u have a picture of the motor you r using? If the hall sensors failed then u can still ride it but u have to push off to start.

it´s recommended to do the motor dedection without belt. try that out later. hope it will already help.

Hey guys do you know where to buy CanBus cable??

I buy the plugs and pins in my local electric store. Or get it on amazon, eBay or Ali Schau, was ich auf AliExpress gefunden Just take two and solder them together

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20180919_202452 20180919_202510 20180919_202531

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If those are the turnigy sk3 149kv motors then they dont have sensors unless u added them yourself?

If you need help, we can chat tomorrow.