Please delete this post

please delete this post

Don’t use that mount on Calibers. Spend 50 and get a proper one from @marcmt88. Save on remote and go with mini remote from AliExpress, save on wheels from AliExpress as well. Get Calibers from Bluetomato with new member discount for 40€ Later I can post links if needed

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Thanks that would be great :smiley:

Remote Wheels 90 Wheels 97 This mount with [These trucks]. Ask @dickyho about the mount and trucks ( [More wheels](Big 80mm 87mm 83mm 90mm 97mm Longboard wheel SHR78A Red Color PU Wheels High Level Soft Wheels Resistant PU Skateboard Wheels to Clipboard) Caliber trucks. With birthday discount is l it’s cheaper

Thanks a lot! :smiley: do you have experience with the hobbyking vesc? Could also save me some money :slight_smile:

You could, but the focbox is better

Is this the same one as the one from hobbyking?

Yeah, some people on the forum said it was good.

But hobbyking kind of offers warranty

yeah but kind of worries me haha :smiley:

Go with hobbyking then

Good after sales service

as long as the vesc doesn’t set my board on fire I’m ok with it :smiley: