Please Double Check My VESC Tool Settings

Hey all, I just want to get a second opinion from the forum before buttoning up the board and taking it out. I really don’t want to fry another DRV. I updated to the latest firmware and ran through the wizards. I’m on 10S, 5Ah, a sensored 6374 190KV 13T/40T pulleys, and 90mm wheels. Here are screenshots of my settings:

Are there other screens I should post for review? Thanks.

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are you doing a hybrid setup

Yes, its a sensored motor.

then yeh looks good!!

enjoy your board

I have a couple more questions…

Should I limit the ERPM, and where is that setting?

Also, how about this throttle curve…everything look kosher?

throttle curve looks fine, will have smoother initial execration. brakes are normal.

I went ahead and changed my ERPM settings to 60,000 and -60,000 just to be safe.

also just make sure you calibrate the remote in the ppm section

What would you change if it was just single motor uncensored? I only ask because I have a very similar setup with unsensored

if you go on @torqueboards website there is a great guide for setting up your vesc