Please help me choose right deck and trucks for offroad from TRAMPA

What kind of deck should I get for optimal offroad? I want to feel like standing on clouds… 15(firm), 16(stiff),17(stiffer) or 18 ply (stiffest)?

Should I go for original or bigboi version?

and for trampa dampa (dampers) What Stiffness TRAMPA DAMPA do I want? 55a-90a…

FYI I’m going with these trucks Precision CNC ULTIMATE ATB Truck - BLACK

And I weight 80 kg’s

Thanks in advance for you taking your time and reading in regard to help me with my problems… Appreciated!

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Since you’re near my weight. Going stiffer will be your best option. Didn’t know there was a bigboi version, but its there and you can go with that since you’re close to mine. I’m 86kg.

Skip this and get barrels instead. No regrets.

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I want the best offroad experience though, is it still not better with springs instead of barrels? ^^ And with stiffer do you refer to 17 ply, or 18 ply? ^^ Thanks for answering my prayers… You already helped me so much!

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That depends on how fast you want to be going. If not too fast or over 25mph, then sure, the springs are best for ease of turns and I’d recommend 70-80A for your weight. But if you’re looking for speed, barrels. The more you use them, the better the turning you’ll get on them. I had mine for 3 years and never looked at springs.

I brought the stiffest for speed, so 17 ply would be better for off roading. Strong but not too stiff. Those who prays will have my ears.

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