Please help me decide what split angle to use

I’m using GBomb glass drops front and rear (plus or minus 15* of wedge), standard 10" 50* Caliber II trucks, 97mm Evolve GTR wheels, 33" wheelbase, and a stiff deck. I would like a split angle set up that allows me to hit 30mph but also has good agility since this will primarily be used as my daily commuter in the city. I was in the middle of deciding what split angle to use with @Deckoz when he left and all our private messages got deleted. I believe that his initial recommendation was a 54/40 split if I remember correctly but we were in the middle of tailoring it further. @Deckoz please come back.

Wow, thanks for pointing out the glass drops, very interesting. I’ve had gbomb brackets since the time they came with a lever to adjust angles, but I hadn’t seen these yet.

It’s always going to be a balance between stability and agility, and with a long wheelbase it’s going to be hard to get the agility. I guess this is one of those things you have to decide on yourself, but @Deckoz recommendation makes sense. The great thing is you can adjust and experiment. A lot of people like around a 15 degree split, so 54/40 sounds like a good place to start. Alternatively, you could start 50/35 or even 50/50 and adjust from there, adding +5 or -5 degrees to either the front or back, or both.

There’s no right way to do this. So just try it out, slowly, and see how the change of angles affects the handling. Remember also that if you change the angle a lot you may also have to change your bushings, due to increased or decreased leverage.

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to experiment much with the rear angle since the motor mounts will be welded into place with Loctite. I’m really just concerned with what degree I should lock my rear in at then I can play around with different angles up front. Regardless, I would like to gather other people’s experience and recommendations so that I’ll be more likely to get the right angles and bushings from the get go.

Understood. I think 38-40 degrees on the rear is a good place to work from if you want split angles, but I’d be interested to hear other people’s opinions as well.

50 to 35 seem like the sane limits. On the rear I would set the mounts up to allow 35-45 range (no loctite), try 35,40,45 then loctite. But I would try to keep at least some adjustability, otherwise I’d just go fixed baseplate?