Please help me ID those MTB trucks

My mountainboard doesn’t get much airtime nowadays due to preference for kite buggy and foiling in light winds and I might as well try to inject a new 36V life into it. MBS wheels are pretty good despite rusty bolts on the hubs. It will need new springs and/or inner bushings, then some motor mounts, and that’d be easier if I knew what breed of trucks these are.



Anyone? Looks a bit like some Trampa Infinity designs, but not too sure. And since they’re probably about 10yrs old, it’s hard to tell. Best bet if I can’t find out, would be to source the springs from the local engineering industry, and do some trial and error in terms of motor mounts

What do you need to know for? Designs have probably changed in 10 years

To find compatible spare parts like springs/bushings, and to have an idea on which mounts would work

There is a cheap mtb company that makes stuff that looks just like this. Can’t ghink of the name right now Edit: pretty sure I was thinking of scramboard who no longer produce things like that. I would try trampa products if I were you