Please help me! Small problem

Anyone who knows what/which SMD capacitor it is that i need to buy to replace this one? Picture below.


what esc is that?

looks like an 0603 size, I’d throw a 47uF at 60v and give it a try

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I dont know what esc that is. Its from Elwing e1-500 board is all i know. Thx for your help!

Okay, thanks alot for the help. I will try that and come back with update. Just curious, can anything else break if Lets say i try that one but its supposed to be a “weaker” one ?

Much appreciated for the help

a capacitor is basically either a battery or shock absorber for electricity depending on how it’s used.

most likely scenarios if it’s the wrong size – it pops if it’s too small, things work a bit different if it’s too big, or not work at all. Never heard of an over sized capacitor causing damage, so…

the most likely failure, is what ever caused the cap to pop in the first place did more damage, like to the microcontroller. not much you can do there without a lot more information.

Oh okay i see. The thing what i Believe happened is that i have regenerative breaks on the board. The battery was fully charged and i turned it on and everything was normal and functioning. I did ride it like 50 meters or so only, then i came to a steep down hill and had to break pretty hard for Couple seconds and right after the Hill when i wanted to accelerate i noticed it was totally dead.
Does that sound like a possible scenario? That it got overcharged and popped the capacitor?

that does seem likely If that’s the cause then replacing the cap should fix it up, doing the same thing (hard brakes when fully charged) would likely pop the new cap again

Okay thanks alot for your help man! Much appreciated. I Will update when i have changed the cap and hopefully that fixes it!

I just took another look on the esc and noticed this next to the blown cap (picture below).

20190716_200519 This is what i think was the cause to it.

When i unscrewed the board to take the esc out i remember that i noticed this littile “dot” & realized this cable(big White thing) was being pressed against/touching the esc because of small room/space when its screwed to the board.

Also on the “big White thing” you can see that its black where im pointing with the arrow (on the picture below). It was much darker and black/brownish color (looked like burned) when i took out the esc 2 weeks ago. I have been touching it quite alot and “rubbed” of much of the black/Brown color so its not as visible as it was back then. Anyway theres still a Black mark left as you can see on this picture below.


Sorry for such a long post but i want to make it as clear as possible!

Again thx for your time & help!