Please help me understand batteries and esc compatability


I want to be able to upgrade and make my own boards but I’ve never understood electricity.

looking at mboards diy videos so far this is what I understand.

the “S” in the type of battery (eg. 12s) stands for cells in series. if you have a bigger number you have a higher top speed and a bigger voltage

the “P” is cells in parallel and they the bigger the number the more range you will get as well a higher amp out.

correct me if I’m wrong. this next part i’m not sure and confused about.

as for the esc i’m unsure what i’d need. judging from the mboards videos the esc’s are listed as compatible with 12s or 6s etc. but vesc’s are different? (tell me if I understand this correctly and if they are different how are the different.)

they also have listed max amps and max volts in the specs. but if the escs or vescs dont have what “S” they are compatible with how do I find out. as well as this he says that 50 amps continuous is the baseline. how do you know if you need a esc or vesc with a higher amp rating and by getting one with a higher continuous amount what does it effect? range , speed etc. why would I want one with a higher continuous amps?

if the size of motors makes any difference to what esc i’d need could you please tell me.

thanks guys

Esc and vedder based esc are different by one main word:


Escs are limited to what they’re rated for, but a v-esc is based off manufacturer and what is rated as max. Both can be compatible with 6-12s batteries, but the maxium amps you can get out of the two are extremely different. This is why DIYers are told to get a v-esc instead.

If they are not compatible, you will find out with a v-esc. Escs are only based on what is given and you’ll be limited to that. Most of the time, its not straightforward.

I and many others will always recommend a v-esc over any escs. The continuous amps is given by manufacturers and testers to show limitations of that v-esc. You will need more amps if you’re using motors. Specifically 63xx types. They usually take more than 50. But you can limit them… they just wont hit their max performance.

What affects speed, range, etc is the type of battery you’re using and how you program the v-esc.

The larger the size, the more amps it will want to draw out. But you can limit the large amp draw with a v-esc. Escs will limit them and some of them won’t have the power for it (depending on the esc). You can buy one that can push out high current of 100A.

thanks for all the info. sorry it took so long to reply. I do night shifts. how would you reccomend I go about learning more? at the moment i’m starting at the beginning with what volts and amps are but dont know if I really need to know in order to make my own/upgrade board.

I would recommend the other forum since they’re more active and can help you with more details.

you mention the other forum, could you drop a link? not sure where you mean. thanks