Please help me with my science project

Hello. I am an 8th grade student who is trying to complete a science project. The project is called the “inventors fair” and we basically have to create something and test it out. For the project, I need reviews/thoughts on the specifications. I will use this data to determine whether or not my project is viable. My target market is millennial and older teens so I created a cheaper board with my limited expertise. Please help me by filling out my google form giving your opinion. I am just an 8th grade student so please don’t be too harsh. Thank you so much for reading this. Any help would be appreciated. (PS. The image is from the internet because I haven’t got a chance to take a picture of my board, I have a lot of work before the holidays.)



We would love to help! First you need to set the permissions on your form so that we can actually access it though. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


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Apologies, I have fixed it.

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Great start to your project. Do you have a build list of components you plan on using? Links and pictures are very helpful and will get you more assistance from the experts here.

Hey thanks for the concern. I am currently working on the build and I have ordered parts from a kit but i did research before hand to verify what would be best. i’ll update the form with information. thank you so much for helping!

Hey, is the board you are making going to be similar to the board in the picture?

It will not look the exact same as it is in the picture. The deck a bamboo drop through deck and the layout will be a little different. other than that the arrangement of the motors and such will be the same. Thank you.