Please help me with VESC settings

Hi everyone, so i just dropped $170 on a VESC from ollin boards or @chaka.(Unrelated does anyone know how long it usually takes for it to ship from him?) I bought a cheap chinese esc but it broke so I didn’t buy another. My current setup consists of 2 3s 5000mah batteries in series.(These ones specifically And for the motor I use a turnigy SK3 6354.(This one if you guys could tell me what settings to put into the GUI that would be great. Also where do I download the GUI for the Ollin boards vesc. Thanks for any help I am incredibly confused.

Normally the wait can take a bit but we are doing pretty good right now. Melissa has been helping us get caught up! Should have you out in a few days, Thur/Fri Your order is included with the batch we started yesterday. We are placing the other side of the PCB’s today. Tomorrow we will solder cables connectors and have them ready to ship!

I recommend using @Ackmaniac 's GUI paired with a bt adapter

That sounds great! Thanks man your product looks Awesome!