Please help! One VESC problem after another

Okay, so I previously posted some of the problems I’ve run into, and thanks to someone’s advice, I managed to make enough progress to actually go out and test my board.I rode for about 5 minutes and everything was working good, then suddenly only one motor was spinning effectively. The other one was kinda jumpy and wasn’t holding any speed. So I took it home, plugged in the VESC into my computer, re-updated all my firmware, re-configured all my settings, and now I have both motors turning. The problem is, they don’t turn together. If I start accelerating them slowly, they seem to turn in unison, then as they gain speed, one of them starts slowing waaaay down or stops completely. Sometimes the master side slows down and sometimes the slave side slows down, it seems totally random which side has issues. I cut my braided cable sleeve off, checked all my connections and everything seems fine, so I’m absolutely at a loss right now. Also, I ran motor detection on each VESC individually and they both succeeded. I tried running the motor detection on both at the same time via CAN bus but the VESC Tool said it could not read firmware, and automatically stops the CAN bus connection attempt and disconnects the VESC from the tool. I did notice that both VESC’s had the same id number, which I’ve read can cause issues too but I have no idea how to change their id’s in the VESC Tool.

It’s like every time I solve a problem, another one pops up. I’m about ready to pull my hair out lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my specs-

Battery-10s4p 36V Li-ion

Vesc-Dual FSESC6.6

Motors- 6374 190Kv

I have my motor max current set to 60A, my battery max current set to 38A, which is what was recommended to me. I have a feeling that one motor is pulling all the power from the other one and they are competing for it, but I have no idea how to confirm or solve it? If you need pics let me know and I’ll post some. Thanks!

Could be an internal short inside the motors. Could be badly soldered motor connectors.

Have a smell inside the motors, if you can smell something burned it could explain it.

Seeing lots of people with problems with flipsky stuff… maybe email them too?

Okay, I’ll give them an email too. Anyways, I checked out the motors, they seem fine, can’t smell any burning or anything. The factory soldering seems fine, but when I connected the wires from the VESC to the motor wires, I just put the plugs on the VESC wires and crimped them, since they didn’t have any connectors from the factory. Should I have soldered them?

Crimped? Depends.

Load a photo so we can see.

You crimped a 4mm bullet onto the phase wirez? Its very novel, but i think you should try soldering.

Then retest your drive system.

Lol fair enough. Thanks for your help, I’ll solder it tomorrow and see if that helps.