Please help! Torqueboards 6374 Motor No Longer Working

One of my relatively new Torqueboard Motors stopped working and I was wondering if I could get any advice if it’s possible to fix it. The red arrows indicate some circular piece of metal inside the motor that came loose and rattles inside. When it was attached to my board, the motor was extremely twitchy, but if I held down accelerate for long enough it would work at max speed just fine.


thats your motor magnet retainer ring man… open the motor and press it back down

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That’s your magnet retaining ring. Discontinue use of that motor immediately!

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I just so happen to have a 6374 TB motor in pieces as you posted this haha


Damn it! You beat me to it. @ih8Darian , you need to overhaul that motor! You need to check that all your magnets are in place and not loose. I would contact @torqueboards to see if they’ll fix it for you, if you’re not comfortable rebuilding it yourself. Looks like you might need to service those bearings to, pretty filthy looking. Do you know how to take those Motors apart? I might be able to help if not


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I have absolutely no idea how to take this apart if you can please help me

U would do well to invest in some snap ring pliers lol but if u don’t have any, get a Wal-Mart bag and a flat head… put the motor in the bag and on the shaft there is a snap ring… carefully pry it off so u don’t bend it and then mount it to ur board and sit/stand on ur deck and pull on the can… it will be hard because of the magnets and the stator but it will come apart

I would post pics but I don’t want to put my motor together since I’m trying to pull my stator off rn

any tips for getting the 4 tiny external philips screws off? I’m about to strip them because none of my tiny screwdrivers will grip them!!

what phillips screws >_> @itsmikeholland


When I get home I can record a video. For now, send a pm to torque boards to see what they can do to help. If all else fails you can send it to me and I’ll try to fix it up… where are you located?


thats not a TB motor and tbh im not sure… u can try using a torch lighter, incase it has loctite… but besides tht im not sure

@itsmikeholland those screws ARE locktited in, and you WILL need to heat them before they will come out. From what i’ve read, they will strip without heat, and most definitely without the right Phillips size. You can heat them with a soldering iron

wow thats interesting! my first HK motor 2 years ago didnt have loctite. that would definitely explain why I cant get these off though. lemme get my Soldering Iron and see what happens

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Good luck, be gentle!! Let us know if you get it!

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I’m located in California. I sent Torqueboards an email, I’ll also PM them here and ask

Cool, let me know! I’m in San Diego

well 1 hour later and its still not working :(( the can is heating up a bit but the screws wont budge. Im really sad they loctite these now!

If I shipped it to you do you think you could help? I’m in Sacramento

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