Please help! when turning off my controller, the motor goes full speed

hi guys, im fairly new to all of this, and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me.

problem- when i turn off my controller for some reason the motor spins has fast as it could. (using ppm) if anyone could help me solve this issue (maybe by changing a setting or something) it would be much appreciated.

thank you in advance!


You need to set the failsafe for your remote. What kind of remote do you have?


When you bind the remote to the reciver, you have to follow a certain procedure to enable failsafe. With the mini RC controller, you plug the binding plug into channel 4 and power on the reciever. Then while holding down the bind button turn the remote on while keeping the bind button pressed, wait till the blinking lights on the reciever and Remote stop blinking and stay on solid. Then release the bind button and pull the bind plug out of the reciever while the reciever and Remote are still on. Then you should be good to go.


yes! it worked thank you, bless your soul!

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It works thank you so much!