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I found that I like building moreso than riding, however this is a beast, I had a coworker with a raptor 2 and the power is quite similar, this board in particular is like the raptor 2 without overheating issues and better urethane(not to rag on enertion or anything). The ride was definetly one of the smoothest I’ve had on an Esk8 with the urethane. Unfortunately I don’t see myself having the time in the future to ride as much but if anyone wants it you’ll be getting one of the most powerful stealth builds out there, all the components are top of the line and have passed through the airport 10x so far without an issue. The board will be shipping from California and any other questions about the board or specific parts let me know!image


Specs prolly help


If you decide to part it out I call dibs on the the hummie hubs.

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Specs would be great, builing my hyperbeast as well(going real slow) it went thru airport? how? 99wh is max allowed

Probably lies and deception!


Are you talking about the same serpent boards?


Thanks I was just about to add that

How much do you want for it?

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Might take the deck for it

If I can find a buyer for every part I will sell individually


Yeah how much for the whole build?

I would be looking for $1400


Now guys (who will eventually come for him) go easy on him, aside from the remote, these are all high quality parts.


To the top:)

Can you give a list of specs

sure @naf carbon fiber deck Hummie hubs v4 focbox unity and a Miami electric 12s 3p 30q with bms the remote is a Psycotiller mini remote

It can be parted out if I find A buyer for the battery only 2 recharges on it

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What do you need $$ for the battery?

Hmm, unity, my mouth is watering