Pneumatic Haya v1 Build // Haya V1 // 12s4p Sanyo 20700`s // Fatboy 1:3 AT Gear Drive

I’ve had the Haya deck for a while now but have been putting off making a build thread mainly cause I can’t decide what Drivetrain to use for it. Seems like anything I had on hand has problems


Tried my Trampa Drivetrain with angled risers but that ended up being too tall.


Tried my rspec drive but that gets wheelbite without incredibly thicc risers:


My Fatboy AT gear drive with 240mm hangars also gets wheelbite.


In the end I think I’m gonna go with that Drivetrain plus some brackets.

Next concern was battery.

At first I wanted to do a 12s5p with 20700’s


Which technically gave me enough space for a unity, but I didn’t want to bother with splitting one 5p group into a 2+3p group so I just went with 4p using Winfly compression cell holders.

Test fitting the cell holders


Adding the braid for series connection


That’s it for now!


@Surfer Has a HAYA build with r-spec motors. It rides really nice even with them risers. He does use Ronin trucks which feel incredible. I haven’t felt this stability on other trucks and the return to center surprised me a lot. Also the beach wood is an incredible feel. The deck is stiff and yet the ride feels bouncy and soft due to the beach wood.

Mmmm beach wood.

Wonder what at would feel like on this deck. It sure looks strange which does not have to be bad. I thought the Lacroix was hella ugly until I saw it in person recently. Now I fricken love it.