Pneumatic wheels under this deck?

Hey guys,

I am riding with a board of this shape:

I am wondering if there is any chance I could fit some pneumatic wheels on a deck like that, or am I gonna have to switch decks?

It has slight cut-outs for more turning space and I currently fit 83mm wheels.


You’ll need to switch decks I’m afraid. You’ll end up with terrible wheel bit even if you use massive risers…


Unless you got some like 4 inch risers it would not be possible, and even then, you would still get wheelbite.

Pneumatics on a pintail cruiser… that would be a sight to see :joy:

yeah i thought so. Could you guys recommend an awesome deck + pneumatics combination for a reasonable price? :slight_smile:

Price range?

Not sure … should definitely be below 200 euros

One like this will be fine…

or this…

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You could actually use pneumatics, you would just need to get some super wide trucks!! And I don’t think that would look very good)

You could call Evolve for the GTX deck. They sell them pre gripped for $120!


Would i need new trucks as well or do i just need the „top plate“ which mounts on top?

Depends what mounts you are going to use…

You should look at @treenutter drop decks, incredibly lush and perfect for numies.