Pneumatic wheels

Hello guys, I’ve spent a couple of days on the internet searching for pneumatic wheels for my e-board and to be honest, couldn’t find any for sale (aliendrive urban 5 wheels are out of stock). Does anybody knows where to order them shipped to Europe? Also where to order motor and wheel pulleys in Europe or shipped to Europe for reasonable shipping price. Thank you.


I believe @trbt555 have some pneumatic wheels set for sale.

@inspekto The ADS wheels are 5" Skike pneumatics designed for kid-sized rollerblades. They work really well (I use them). You might be able to find and mod them outside of ADS.

The other go-to would be @psychotiller’s aluminum hubs that can use Matco pneumatics. If I could rebuild from scratch, that’s what I would do (they weren’t available when I completed my build)

Another option, which I think could be really awesome, would be to use a pair of gbomb extenders and MBS Rockstar 2 hubs. This would mean 8 inch wheels but I think you could use standard trucks and a set of 8mm bearings designed for the MBS hub (I think Trampa and Scram sell the bearings). You can get a wheel pulley from Evolve for the RS2s.

A few things to consider about pneumatics: they are larger, and thusly might impact the ease of carrying your eskate, especially if you use the 8" wheels. Also, even though all of these are technically ride-flat tires, I still carry a spare complete wheel (hub\tire\tube\bearings) bearing set in my backpack. Riding with a flat is possible but it sucks! So add that to the cost. You also have to be careful with wheel clearance and axel size, some wheels won’t work on certain deck shapes without wheel cutouts.

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The 5" Skike wheels are no longer being made so stocks are slowly depleting. I already had a hard time finding spare inner tubes. I have a complete assembled set of pneumatics with bearings, spacers and 60T wheel pulleys plus two spare inner tubes I’ve been sitting on for some time now. Absolutely zero road time. I just don’t like the look of a board with pneumatics, it looks too much like a scooter. I’d be willing to part with them for €100 plus shipping.

What about these:

They also come in black, and if you contact the seller, he may give you a good deal. I got 8 complete wheels for $110 shipped.

Thank you for your replies. I’m looking for small (5’’) and lightweight wheels, so I’m leaning to Skikes, however, as being said, I cannot find inner tubes for them. Also, is it possible to modify them to fit 22mm skateboard wheels bearings? trbt555, I’ve sent you a pm.

Just bought some skike 5" wheels from their website. They have a promotion going on where you get 5% off for every round your national football team advances in the European championship. For Germany that means 20% off right now. 5 complete wheels cost me 91€ including shipping (got a spare one just in case). Only need to make them fit longboard trucks - but a lathe should be able to handle that.

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Just bought some off their website - there is no information about them being discontinued.

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As far as I know Skike no loinger sells products with 5" wheels which means they have become a legacy product. Did you get inner tubes and tires as well ? I had a hell of a hard time getting hold of those.

Oh yeah and good luck putting the tires and inners on the hubs. It’s a wrestling match :wink:

yes all in the same store. I ordered 5 rims, 5 tubes and 5 tires

Also they apparently still sell a scooter with 5" wheels:

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Thanks, good to know. I must have drawn the wrong conclusions.

Let’s see how much of a PITA the assembly is :smiley:

Tip: use a lubricant. I used dish-soap.

@Maxid this is great new. They’ve been out of stock for so long that rumors buzzed about discontinuation. Thanks for the notice.

@trbt555 is right about lubrication, I used Tire glaze, which has the added benefit of making the tires look good for a few minutes.

I recommend the tire tool that Skike sells; it will spare you a lot of sore hands!

Do the 5" wheels need machining to remove some material to fit standard trucks? (like the larger ones do) or can they go straight with standard bearings?

fantastic, and the 3D printing stuff over there super helpful too, thanks :slight_smile:

these mount brilliantly on the old 5 enertion hubs

I’ve tried these wheels without success. All the wheels had a slight wobble to them. I bought 2 sets through ADS after hearing the possibility that these wheels were going to be discontinued. Initially I thought I had a problem with the tire not being centered with the wheel but with the wheel on the truck by itself, one could see the slight wobble. I ended up buying Psychotiller wheels.

Whats so bad about the slight wobble? You are not supposed to go 20mph with them.