PNL 23° Baseplates group buy only 10 available

PNL 23° Baseplate group buy.

I’m in touch with the PNL guys and they have 10 more sets of rear 23 degree baseplates still available.

They’ll be available for shipping mid February due to travels.

Quantity available 10

These baseplates are CNC cut, very clean, solid standard geometry fits randal, paris, caliber ect. Pivot cups are amazing (I’m not sure if they come with cups, I’d guess yes.

2 red anodized $75 shipped

8 bare alum finish $70 shipped

Domestic prices listed, can ship anywhere in the world USPS or DHL.

I shouldn’t have to tell you why you want lower angle rear baseplates, but for dudes going over 30mph, who want to feel comfortable at that speed, let’e get in on the last remaining PNL stock of low angle rear plates.



Yoinked these pics off of google, but this is what they look like, have a direct line to the dude who has them in storage and am buying all of the baseplates to be shipped here by about the third week of February.


Edit I don’t actually know what these look like. I imagine they may look more like the picture on top in red, but we’ll see. I asked the owner to tell me which ones he has.

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Any way to verify they’re Caliber RKP compatible?


They are 100% compatible with all the most common rkp trucks.

I will take a set. PMd


The the pivot cups better than riptide pivot because they do have pivot cups for the pnl

Wait, not even sure what that means… I need them to fit calibers or surfrodz and riptide pivot cups.

Guys, you could totally put these on a MTB and get about 53 degree baseplates after the kicks angle is taken into account with normal trucks. Then dewedge the back a bit and BOOM.

Then get some TB 218s or @Kug3lis Fatboy 240s and do your thing…



I’ll need to drill a hole a my set of pnls because this is what I’m putting one of them on image image image image image image image image


These trucks are the same geometry as caliber surfrodz Randal Paris gunmetal ect.


The previous post shows the pnl 40 degree truck which is the same as the 23 fitting the enertion hanger.

Btw I might be taking delivery of these this Friday.

So far the red baseplate are gone and there are still 9 left.

Take that back. We have one more red 23 degree plate. And one fewer raw plate.

Count me in for raw aluminum color, quantity 1

I want it i want it i want it! If they will fit on the raptor 2 trucks then I want one of them please please please please please and thank you in advance! You rock @drangboards cause I’ve been looking to wedge/dewedge my raptor set up and have just been using the angled riser soo count me in on this, I’m not too late right? Red please

To anyone curious, I checked, and Caliber RKP baseplates fit Carvon SD R hangers, but only with dual cone. (The factory baseplates also only accept dual cone)

What does dual cone mean here?

The bushings. There is not enough room for barrel bushings boardside. (only on the Carvon SD R hangers)

Can you show me a pic of that?



Barrel bushings hit the motor mount here:


@drangboards lemme get a pair off you in a week or so(would take a single red if one left), this is a great score, thank for sharing

  • Baseplate - 6061 T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  • Axles and kingpins - 17-4 heat treated stainless steel.
  • Precision washers- 303 stainless steel.
  • Riptide thane pivot cup.

These retail for €99 EACH on sickboards, you are getting a steal.

Here’s some background as to why these are so nice, a really awesum thread from @squishy654 . These baseplates seem like a very shallow degree Randal except precision milled.