[POLL] Do you use an anti-spark switch?

Nobody likes sparks :zap: Do you use an anti-spark switch?

  • Yes, XT90 loop key
  • Yes, Vedder anti-spark
  • Yes, other (please provide a link)
  • No

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I do use Vedder anti-spark and also a loop key. The reason is that if your switch fails, it is most likely the mosfets and those fail in the “open position” therefore you have no way of turning the switch off if you have a screw-on enclosure and cant take it off…

Also loop key is awesome when things go bad and your board takes off and you cant control it for whatever reason you can just bend down pull that loop key and either you fall which you would not avoid anyway most probably or you can stay on the board and wait till it slows down… Whatever happens afterwards, you with the loop key disconnected your battery so your board is not as uncontrollable any more.

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I use Aps’s antispark myself. Used to use a XT90 antispark but didnt like it sticking out so decided to go with an antispark

I use XT-90 but not the loop key one so…IDK. Still newbie. :slight_smile:

I’ve had 4 antispark switches fail, they get stuck in the open position.

I’m willing to pay for a reliable switch, if there is anyway to make one by myself would be great

Check out my new EBoard MOSFET switch thread, I have all my schematics on there so you can build your own switch! Also I’m interested in any of your broken antispark switches, been taking them apart to see what’s wrong with them and to improve my own designs.

Which switches have failed on you?

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I recommend you to try the switch from goldenhusky, I have it for long time with no issues. And really good aftersales guy.

Eswitch on my BMS

I used xt90 loop key, but now I’m using currentcontrolsystems.com antispark switch, so far awesome.