POLL - Hues Blues - Which color do you like better?

I noticed a slight variation in the color blue from an older version of the same mount

Which color do you like better?

  • Light Blue (left)
  • Dark Blue (right)

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If the trucks were the same colour, I would go with dark blue.


The choice I would pick isn’t there. No matter to me. Mine is getting a few coats of heavy duty easy off and some polishing paste.

edit voted dark blue

I’ll have another poll with color choices

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haha. Recieved my new enertion mount yesterday…first thing I did was compare the color to my raptor mounts to make sure I wasn’t going color blind. I like the new color.

looks the same to me. u must be color blind :grin:

So the new one is like a purple/blue huh… awesome!

The dark blue is in the lead…

I like it too …

I kind of like the color of the light blue one, but I like the matte finish of the dark blue one more, so dark blue wins out for me.