POLL: So how many Vescs has the community destroyed?

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While I continue to read up and research it is apparent that the Vesc despite being a powerful (and costly) esk8 component is somewhat prone to damage particularly to the drv 8302 chip.

Interested in how many the community has destroyed have allowed up to 4 vesc per voter…surely no one has blown up that many :grinning:

Edit : can’t seem to get the poll to show the total number but this can be worked out by average number of blown up vesc Multiply by number of voters.

I’m just waiting to receive it, but I’m already afraid to connect them. :joy::joy:


Where is 0 ?


Is this completely destroyed or just damaged and repaired?

I think he means destroyed/damaged before repairs.

just interested in number destroyed…not the army of survivors :slight_smile:

Yes the number blown up :grinning:

From my reading of various build threads vesc repair options are very limited with most users having to buy a replacement. (With the exception of chaka who offers repair for his own vescs)

Huh…weird. You’d have a better image about VESCs in general if you were to include 0 too, but it’s your poll so good luck! :smiley:

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Ah, gotcha. I was able to repair my own, so it wasn’t so bad for me.

Currently showing 20 units destroyed…say average vesc price = $150 (much more in eu)

Loss to the community so far $3000

Wow that’s the price of 3 Raptor 2’s :scream: :grinning:

I feel like having the 0 listed would be good because it would give everyone an idea of how many people have had no problems as well. Wouldn’t hurt what you are trying to get numbers of, it would just expand it.

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With the number of VESCs that are perfectly fine unknown this number is totally meaningless. You will have defects in every product no matter the quality. It is all about the percentage. If there would be a sales volume of 300.000 USD the defects would only be 1℅. Also the VESC often gets repaired by the sellers so it is not really a damage for the community that can be calculated with the retail value.

Edit: changed the sales volume to 300000 after remembering that onloop alone sold 2000 VESCs


Agree, ya gotta have a “0”. I got 3 perfectly working VESC’s.

What type of damage should we make as a threshold to count towards damaged? Blown caps? Dry? Small connectors? Also it would be for statistics wise if we also include people that are going great with no damage/destroyed. If the vendors can pitch in with the their sales would be great also.