Poll: So which forum members are interested in buying the Raptor 2 on the 28th November?

10 days to go :grinning: I’m interested to purchase my first complete though still undecided. Looking to gauge how many forum members are considering purchasing the new Enertion Raptor 2 on launch date: 28th November 2016.

  • Definite buying a Raptor 2 on 28/11/16
  • Undecided about buying Raptor 2 on 28/11/16
  • Maybe buying a Raptor 2 at a later date
  • Definite Not Buying Raptor 2

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Appreciate the early bird pricing structure will be a factor on users proceeding with the purchase on the day.

Oh and for anyone looking to get a $100 discount on a new Enertion 2 follow this link and use the code 100RAPTOR2 during checkout :slight_smile:

i’m thinking heavily about it. I need to see for myself how these fresh new “direct drive” motors compare to belt drives. Allegedly they can climb hills and launch well and all of that. With Carvon’s V3 still somewhere to be seen later, i’m still looking for hub motors that even come close to belt drives in torque. So the only way i’m going to do that i suppose is to get one of these new raptors.


Hoping to see a few more updates before product launch from @onloop as they have been great so far. Particularly interested in any more info on the hubs.

I am surprised at how well a single 149kv 6374 @ 12S is doing. Hub motors are a luxury for smooth flat pavement unless they have bigger motors in the wheel (hummie) or Carvon v3s.


I’m guessing with Raptor 2.0 complete its all about keeping it simple: one board /hub motor design no options. With hub motors you are removing all the clamp/ pulley wheel belt/ adjustment (loctite anyone!) issues affecting the Raptor 1.0 owners. .

I am considering it but have reservations as I am on the taller heavier side of riders and love the ability change the final drive ratio if I change wheels or just want to set up for top speed as I purchased the optional drive pulley kit and ordered 90mm Abec 11 wheels. Honestly for longer rides I prefer a more flexy deck like my old BBD+ simply for comfort although it has since been donated to my son in college. I was thinking about R2 for my younger lad still in HS. If the set up works out well I may just get a 2nd e-drive set and throw it on my favorite drop deck.

I like the precision trucks and am interested to hear if there is real innovation in the hubs (hard to disassociate from the heavy sales hype).

unfortunately those handles are so ugly (to me) I could never buy it complete. If the components come out I’d be happy to bolt the new hubs and precision trucks on a more conventional downhill deck without giant handles.

I wonder what kind of 0-20 acceleration you guys get with belt drives. This is specifically why I built an acceleration timer into my new app called the “Vesc Status”. With this, my fastest 0-20 acceleration with my 4wd hubs has been 2.67 seconds, and steepest hill I’ve climbed is 21% grade, maintaining a speed above 18 mph the entire .2 mile long mega block (2-3 normal sf blocks), and I know I could do much steeper. Since hummies new motors will have 3x the stator and copper, 2 of those motors should have more power (around 1.5 times more) than 4 of hummies smaller motors (which I’m using on my 4wd board now). The carvon v3’s look promising too. So there are options.

Since we don’t know the stator size in the new enertion motor, we can’t determine for sure if it will have more power than hummies new big motor. But based on calculations that hummie did, back tracking what he thinks is the likely stator size given what we do know, hummies new motor would be more powerful… But until we get more details, we can’t say for sure whose is more powerful. All I know, is both should be pretty close to a normal belt driven system. But again, I need more people to use my app and measure acceleration to see what you get on a belt driven board vs a hub board.

Got a link to your app? (Android) I have been off the board for a while.

Unfortunately, I’ve only developed the apple version (iphone, ipad) so far. I am looking into making an android version (and it’s right up my ally way), but it’s like, starting from scratch again. And I don’t even have an android device to test it on, so I need to get an android device also. Realistically speaking, maybe summer of 2017, I can do the android version. I still have some more features to work out on the apple version.

I’ll be happy to tell you. Send me the hardware required for the app.

2.63 seconds seems pretty quick, but i can definitely get my shirt flapping hard within that timeframe, even on the 15/33 ratio i’m running right now on my 80mm kegels at 12S on 190kv R-SPECs. I can also try it on a 15/36 on 83mm flywheels for comparison.

Im running a 149kv 6374 12s belt drive and its a miracle. Only time ive had hill issues is when a place it directly on a steep incline and try to go from a dead stop.

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