POLL turned to possible group buy - Which ABEC 11 Wheels would you buy? Gauging Group Buy MOQ! Please fill out form in 1st post!

Considering all the interested in ABEC11 wheels, this thread has now been turned in to a possible group buy.

As can be seen further down in this thread, @ChrisChaput from ABEC11 has let us know that the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for abec11 wheels are 75 sets (75x4= 300 wheels). He also told us that this MOQ is for a given size, with a given hardness formula. So sizes cannot be combined to reach 75 set. For example:

  • 75 sets of 107 mm wheels 74 A hardness - YES!
  • 75 sets of 97 mm wheels 74 A hardness - YES!
  • 50 sets of 107 mm wheels plus 15 sets of 97 mm = 75 sets - NO!

@thisguyhere has created a form for everyone to fill out in order to gauge the viability of this group buy and see if the MOQ can be obtained. Firstly we will determine if we can reach 75 sets of a given size and then discuss urethane hardness. More so, since the ABEC11 site is temporarily down, I don’t know all the hardness combinations for each wheel size and prefer not to guess.

Please fill out the form bellow with your user name, size and quantities of wheels that you desire.


Laddies and gentlemen, lets make this happen!

[spoiler]I believe many people underestimate the power of our esk8 community and perhaps do not grasp the dimension and potential market that exist within this community.

From the small time i have been here, i have read over and over that ABEC 11 wheels are the most sought after wheels due to their quality. I have also discovered that they are almost impossible to buy anywhere.

I’ve asked Mr. @ChrisChaput if he would be willing to do a group buy directly to the community but did not get a response. Perhaps if we could show him our size he would reconsider this request and that way everyone would be able to get a few sets of wheels.


Which ABEC 11 Flywheels would you buy if given the opportunity?


  • 76 mm
  • 83 mm
  • 90mm
  • 97 mm
  • 107 mm

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Which urethane hardness would you choose?


  • 74 A
  • 75 A
  • 77 A
  • 78 A

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How many sets of wheels would you consider buying?


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • More than 3 sets

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I have no relation with the poeple of ABEC 11 neither do i know how to get in touch with them (especially now with their website being down). I’m just a new ek8 builder that likes to use good components parts in everything i build.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this poll please let me know.

Thanks a lot for participating.[/spoiler]


I forgot to consider the option that users might want to buy several sizes and forgot to add multiple choice to the wheels size option and thane hardness. I have tried to change this however due to forum rules it can only be done by a forum moderator. I am currently waiting for this change to be done to ensure a more accurate representation.

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Yep. Was about to say I’d buy different sizes

Yeah…i Pm’ed @longhairedboy and @lowGuido asking if they could change the poll settings. I also forgot to ask them if they could make the votes public. Would give more credibility to the results if there are names backing up the choices.

This is the first time i’ve made a poll so sorry for not getting all the parameters right! Live and learn!

I’ve asked Mr. @ChrisChaput if he would be willing to do a group buy directly to the community but did not get a response.

They disregard the forum saying we are minuscle… but on the other hand they inmediately step on to the bandwagon adopting our findings or our trendy fashions when they see bucks in the horizon… a.k.a. ABEC 11 jumping on bed like a forgoten Cougar to start an affair with Evolve, or Trampa predating VESC open source to their own $$ advantage.

Just consider a group buy order of 100 sets of wheels. Which is small considering the size of the forum.

100 sets at around 100$ a set equates to a 10000$ order. And i bet most of us would put the money up front. A 10000$ order with cash up front with a relaxed delivery date. Whats not the like about that?


That’s like what…1 bitcoin? easy…

sorry, just now seeing this. Is the poll behaving?

Also i think everyone should chip in and pay $10,000 for the single shrink wrapped set of superflys that i have right now. I think that’s a reasonable price for one set of wheels considering the current climate.


These are irrelevant things, its not like you are trash talking products and their sellers here

No problem. What do you mean by behaving?

I created this poll in an effort to translate in to numbers the desire of abec11 wheels that forum members would like to buy. I would then like to show these numbers to Abec 11 in an effort to promote a direct deal with them and (if the are going through a rough patch as said on another thread) perhaps motivate them to keep pushing through.

That is the last thing i want to do! I want them to stay in business and provide quality wheels to us. I oppose all trash talk and if the thread goes in that direction i will ask for it to be shut it down and closed.

My objective is to try to quantify how much esk8 would like them to stay in business and how much they could sell by working directly with the forum.

However much we would like them to stay in business, i’m fairly certain Chris would like to stay in business more. Whatever is happening over there isn’t going to be saved by a group buy, however i do think its important that we show our support and this group buy is a good way of doing that.

I never got the sense that they thought the forum was miniscule. Chris is a very communit oriented guy. He loves sharing, almost to the point of annoying. Whatever is going on over there, its probably either not good or a symptom of something better coming that we don’t know about. But it certainly has nothing to do with a lack of demand or support.

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Money has been a challenge for many US companies in the longboard / skateboard market and that as been true for Abec 11 too. If people can cobble together an order for enough wheels for us to make our MOQ (minimum order quanitity), I’d be happy to put the order in. The order needs to be for 300 wheels (75 sets of 4 of one size, one color, in one urethane, in one duro. That’s what comprises a SKU.


  1. A quantity of 500 97mm Flywheels (Green wheels with Orange cores) in 75a Classic urethane.

2… A quantity of 300 107mm SuperFly’s (Black wheels with Green cores) in 74a Reflex urethane.

p.s. I’m not on here checking PMs often so abec11 (at) gmail (dot) com works for me


So a special forum coloured 107 75a wheel. I’d have a set or two… Only 73 sets left to be spoken for…


The superfly’s younsold me are the best wheels I have hands down. Im in for another set as well.

107s in 75 or 76a reflex would be better me thinks…the 74a have been chunking for me :confused:

@Deckoz The green ones chunked on you?

Thanks you @ChrisChaput for your kind reply. It is good to hear from you and i hope (and i guess almost everyone on this forum) that you and company are well.

I believe that MOQ can be reached as the interest on the forum is large, as well as several small business owners would probably also like to tag along.

Hopefully you will hear from us soon with an order.

No the black 107 74a f1 superflys :frowning: this one wheel is split in multiple places…I just been gluing them back together… :confused:

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this doesn’t make me feel better. If the MOQ for the factory is only 75 sets, there shouldn’t be a drought right now. The demand for these things far outstrips what a group buy could offer.

Nothing about this makes me feel good.

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