[POLL] VESC - Problems or not? Please vote!

In light of all the VESC issues and questions in regards to quality of VESCs from certain manufacturers, let’s start collecting data to see how many people actually run into issues with their VESC. I recently read a thread about someone blowing 3 of their VESCs from the same manufacturer. I wonder if this was due to manufacturing, or user error.

Please vote with your experience with the VESC. Please do not vote if you have used your VESC for less than a month! I’ll only be including a blown DRV as the only choice for issues as it’s the most common issue and other faults are generally not hardware issues.

I realize there’s a bunch of factors and information that may influence the state of DRV chips such as running BLDC/FOC, but this is merely a poll from comparing various manufacturer VESC to see if there is a trend. Discussions on BLDC vs FOC and blown DRVs can be polled in a separate thread.

  • Enertion VESC - no problems!
  • Enertion VESC - blown DRV8302
  • DIY VESC - no problems!
  • DIY VESC - blown DRV8302
  • Ollin VESC - no problems!
  • Ollin VESC - blown DRV8302
  • esk8.de VESC - no problems!
  • esk8.de VESC - blown DRV8302
  • other VESC - no problems!
  • other VESC - blown DRV8302

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@Jinra that was a really good idea for a poll numbers dont lie

great idea!

I think it’s worth noting that a blown DRV chip is not always a hardware or manufacturing fault either… you can destroy a VESC with bad settings & get a DRV fault.

here is a summary of faults


Then that will be reflected in the percentage of people with good enertion VESCs vs bad. you don’t compare numbers you compare percentages

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Yea i mentioned this in my last paragraph. This poll doesn’t include granular detail about each user and VESC but may give insight into a wide sample size of VESC users.

You are totally right.

Only problem is that i have multiple VESCs and just one isnt working. I cannot choose multiple options…

can you edit the poll with type=multiple? or it’s too late?


@jinra Is other intended to be a China direct or a self built?

Yea, I included it for anyone who got one from another source, such as Maytech.

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Same here as @DeathCookies - i have 5 or 6 VESCs now with two i killed DRV w/ bad testing on 12s. Both from Vedder himself.

Plus one i bought already dead from local esk8 member here. DRV chip swap in my future.

Knock on wood none have failed otherwise.

I love this idea, but the problem is many of us have bought from multiple sources. So I can’t mark ollin - no problems AND enertion - problem. So I have to pick either or, and it will make it seem like I have had any problems if I choose to pick ollin - no problems…

But already, you can see a trend gathering. Enertion dvr blown vs no problems is 22% to 27%. While ollin is dvr blown vs no problems is 1% to 23%. This is a huge difference, and shows that enertion vescs are more likely to blow a dvr vs an ollin vesc.

yea it’s not a perfect way to gather data, but it at least gives us some idea of how they’re working.

Had same problem for enertion vesc, with way too little information on how to use their products and zero replies after several email and PM The truth should be shared to everyone, especially the new esk8ers, that the odds of having this issue is damn high , not to mention this is an expensive piece of product. And most importantly, when you do have problems, emails would often be replied asking u to wait (with my case nearly two months still counting) of no further responses no matter how many times u send them emails or PMs about ur problem

No offense, but customers and users deserve to know the truth. After posing my problem, some said it was my problem, now seeing the result, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that mine happen to have the same DRV problem. I doubt having the same problem as others of such high rate is pure coincidence… I really do think they need to do something about this problem, and before this problem is solved, people who purchase a product with such high rate of error should think twice before buying such expensive piece of product.

guys… i received my email from, enertion i did not expect any reply since its been nearly two months… but i received it, and they said they will send me a new vesc x i do know a few people that stiil didnt get any news, but i got mine maybe wait a while and u’ll get urs too?

just gotta put it out here

they said they will send me a new vesc when the stocks are bback (currently out of stock) and they confirmed the shipping address with me

so, good news for me, and i wish u all the best