POLL: Vote for Summer 2017 USA meetup location

Where should we host a summer 2017 USA meetup?

  • New York

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • SoCal

  • Florida

  • Vegas

  • SF

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SoCal but if @Michaelinvegas can hook us up LV

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Looks like Cali is in the lead!

I really like @Michaelinvegas connections though so I volt vegas

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Has anyone tried E skating 17 mile drive at Pebble beach? It’s near Carmel and Monterrey.

I’m pretty sure my Ollin Flux could make it the full 35 miles R/T without charging.

I bicycled it years ago and its low traffic and stunning scenery. Often very windy also.

Curious how smooth the pavement is or if Clint Eastwood or somebody has banned it.

edit: just heard from someone who drove it recently in a car and was sketchy with traffic, narrow lanes and off camber turns and people driving too fast. Oh well.

Where’s the SF option?

There are more esk8rs in Cali… About 21 last time I checked…

Where is this map from??

USA Roll call thread

I would actually really like New York. .


And So Cal… .


And Las Vegas.


I hope you guys know I’m talking about traveling and staying a weekend not just a one day thing

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I’m guessing that this didn’t work?

Not enough lead time