POLL: What kind of bms do you want in your board?

Im going to make a big bms order with a company that I find very good, and reputable. Maybe even more than Bestech which has been the standard for DIY electric skateboards.

One of my customers ordered their BMSs to me to install them in his batteries and when the package got stuck on the customs, a lady from their office in China called me on the phone to notify me and when the package came, they even send me some gifts :slight_smile:

Their bmss are very small and all have really nice alu anodized heatsinks to help with the heat dissipation And they can also come with mounting holes so you can bolt them down to your deck/enclosure About dimensions, I will measure them tomorrow and post the exact dimensions of them since I don’t have my caliper with me now

Since I use a lot of bmss for my battery packs, and the BMS market is not really full of options Im thinking of starting a small BMS store I would appreciate your opinion on them, and they as a company are willing to cooperate to make a bms suited for our needs, Im in no way affiliated by them or paid by them to advertise their products.

The prices should be around 10s 70A -50$ 12s 70A -60$ 10S 100A -100$ 12s 100A -100$ 10s 150A -140$ 12s 150A -140$

This is just a thread to see the interest in them, Im not selling them so thats why its in the electronics section.

  • Charge only cheapest option
  • Charge only waterproof
  • Charge & Discharge 50A waterproof
  • Charge & Discharge 70A
  • Charge & Discharge 100+A

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Here are some pictures Here are some pictures compared to 18650 cells 70A IMG_20181212_213758 100A IMG_20181212_213817 150A IMG_20181212_213843

  • I want only one
  • I want two
  • I want more than two

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Would it be possible to implement Bluetooth in those? :slight_smile:

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Yeah we want smart bms charge only :sweat_smile::relieved:


That was one of my first questions, they said that they do not have one developed, but the lady said that she will ask the engineers if its possible to implement one. But a bird from Bestech told me that they are developing one ATM, I asked that around 3 months ago and asked again a few weeks ago but its still in development

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The 70A model is roughly the same size as a D140 from bestech, and only like 20$ more for a lot more protection

Is there an option to have adjustable balance voltage? This is the main thing missing from the BMS market. What if I want to charge to 4.1V and balance at 4.1V? There is nothing on the market…


Not sure so. I would worry to hit the cut of on my mtb with a 60a bms

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Almost all setting can be adjusted I used to put that the balancing starts at 4.05V and the max voltage to 4.15V in my bestech GBs But that would be needed to set in the factory, but if you want a bms that you can program i can send you an pm (xiaoxiaing bms or something like that)


Smart bms or the diebms should be able to adjust the balance voltage

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The 100A version would solve it for you then, but its twice the width though

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I know that bms source, one of the most important things for me is a e-switch. That is the reason why I am still buying bestechpower bms’s


is 150A charge/discharge waterproof also an option? :wink:

Yes all would be waterproof 10chr

:heart_eyes: will you do only one option?

I will deciede based on interest

I only want a BMS, not all the other features :smirk:

I have been looking for a BMS with a simple bar graph display of each cell voltage. I messaged you about these already didn’t know you started a thread. Simple OLED display like bc-8s lipo monitor would be great. I found the balance accuracy of these is ordinary. But ok for my needs they are pretty cheap from BG.

Xiaoxiaing bms is really good

@Acido is there an update on these? Will you be making a order soon?

There will be one, I might make an GB thread tomorrow I already have a shit ton of stuff to do so no promises

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