[POLL] Which remote do YOU use?

Searched around for a thread but i’ve been wondering what’s the stats of the types of remotes you guys use. I’ve made a poll of many different types of remotes, to my knowledge at least.

Oh and if there is another remote i’ve missed out, do let me know and i’ll edit it in.

  • Mini
  • GT2B
  • GT2B Mod
  • Nano (winning)
  • Nano V2
  • Nano-x
  • Steeze (Maytech)
  • Benchwheel
  • Photon
  • Firefly
  • Ervine’s Trigger style
  • Avio Mini Remote Mod
  • Nyko Kama
  • Wii Nunchuk
  • DIY
  • Hoyt Puck
  • APS

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I think you need to edit the pool. You have to choose 14 options :smile:


Whoops! First time making a poll so i just clicked anyhoo. Thanks!

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There’s 2 Maytech remotes, the steeze and the newer version we call v2.

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I see, thanks! Unfortunately i can’t edit the top poll 5 mins after it’s up. Only a moderator can edit it. If one does see it, do help me add a ‘Maytech V2’ under the Steeze option, thanks!

I tried, wouldn’t let me either.

I guess i can add another poll reply as well, that works too.

Wow, the Mini remote is taking the lead with 47% as i’m typing this.

Maybe you guys can give this mod a shot when it’s fully released, i know i am :wink:

i use the v2 maytech remote, which isn’t on here. Also the new ones have whips, which is an upgrade over the v2, but i don’t think they’re changing much else about it.


Sorry @longhairedboy I thought there was only one type of Maytech remotes :sob: