Portable Cruiser Board Help

Hey guys,

Ive been lurking here for awhile but Ive decided to finally speak up.

I want to build a small, 25-32 inch cruiser board that can take me, if possible, ~15 miles and reach a speed of 25-30 mph. Runplayback’s Jet Spud board would be my ultimate board, but, (A) the space battery is definitely out of question budget wise, and (B) I can’t find a jet spud 29 for sale anymore

My biggest questions are: -Does anyone know of a board similar to the Jet Spud with similar width and length? I would love to get a small cruiser that can fit the enclosure Runplayback makes -Can a build a small board with the kind of range and speed I seek for <600 dinero -If I could find a way to afford it, would a single Carvon hub motor get me to 25 mph and have decent acceleration (I’m 130 pounds)

Thanks guys, loving this community’s vibe.

EDIT: a key source of my funds for this build is going to be my old electric traxxas rustler, which I am planning on selling for around 400. It has a mamba max pro esc, but I’m thinking that selling it and buying a vesc will be a better option.

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The Caron hub motors are your best bet for speed. RunPlayBack has logged 31mph on his Carvon single setup running 10s voltage. The voltage is important for maximum speed and acceleration You should check Carvon’s website. They are planing to offer a single hub complete board for around that price. http://www.carvonskates.com Or build your own if you prefer. There are lots of options for a short wide deck. Downhill decks work well.

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I like their board, but I’m kind of a sucker for aesthetics and TBH its a sort of ugly board. Beside from looks, I really need more than a 6 mile range (looking to get 15-20 if that’s possible)

Board wise, I’m really looking for something, like the Jet Spud, without a front or back tail, just a cruiser with the trucks at the very ends of the board (don’t know what you call that style)

It will be difficult to get that kind of mileage with the power and speed that your wanting. You would need a big battery. I’m using 5000 mah lipo packs in a 12s setup and I get about 7mi with my Carvon dual. I have extra packs that I can carry in a back pack and swap them out on the road if i’m going long distance. I use a clamshell enclosure with buckle straps to hold the lid on so it’s easy to swap out batteries

So assuming that I buy a carvon single, is there a setup that could get me around 22 mph with a ~12 mile range with my budget?

The speed is no problem. The range is the challenge. It’s hard to say for sure. There is a formula that gives you a theoretical distance but there are too many factors that it doesn’t take into account. However, If you use the Vesc speed controller, you can limit the amp draw to give you a top speed of 22mph and that should increase range. Your weight is defiantly in your favor and if your riding mostly on flat ground that will help also. Hobby King sells Zippy brand lipos that are 8000mah. A couple of those in series might do it. You could put 3 of these in series for 9s http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=20845 Or 2 of these in series for 12s http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16228__ZIPPY_Flightmax_8000mAh_6S1P_30C.html

I am actually looking at doing the same thing as you, building a portable cruiser board using my landyachtz dinghy. I was looking at carvon hub motors, but then I saw their complete board for only $599. So now I’m kind of unsure if I want to build my own or just buy a complete.

IMO, I’m surprised the single hub even works. I have a space cell with dual carvons, and they barely have the torque to get me up decent hills. Don’t get me wrong, they are great. Its just they don’t have THE BEST performance. The have the top speed, but not the torque. I would never recommend a single motor setup personally.

hummies hubs- torque / speed/ cheap upgrade later

I love the dinghy, but it’s pretty small, especially in width, and I don’t think I could put the amount of batteries i want no it without it looking more like a box than a skateboard

Thanks for the insight. My problem is that I love the look of the hub motor and I would really like to be able to push the board as well, and I’m not sure if you can do that with a mounted motor.

I don’t think I can afford dual motors with my budget, so If you had to pick, would you recommend a hub or a single sk3? I don’t have too many hills around, but I would like decent acceleration. Top speed is fairly important though, I want to be able to get to 20-25 easily.

as much as I love my carvons, I would recommend the sk3 for a single drive. I have had issues with the wires bettwen my speed controllers getting loose, and in tern, I lose power to one motor for a few seconds, and am riding on one motor. On one motor, the acceleration is practically non-existent. I can’t climb anything on one motor. With a belt pulley system, you can use gear reduction ratios (normally like 3 to 1) which allow you to get more torque, which is what you need to have a decent acceleration. However, I hate belt and pulleys, because they will break on you, alignment has to be absolutely perfect, and involves a lot more maintenance.

This is why I’m so interested in hummies motors. Right now, he has a deal on his for only $200 for two motors mounted on the trucks of your choice (great torque and top speed of 27 mph). The only problem, is you still need 2 esc’s, which aren’t cheap. 2x vesc from chaka, which is $360 total (not cheap, but the vesc in FOC is the best), and 4x3s batteries (to get 12s) for $120, a cheap gt2b controller for around $20, a knock off imax lipo charger for around $40, and you have your self a pretty good electrical system for around $740. Only this you would need is a board, which is around $50-$120, depending on what your looking for :slight_smile: Then, you would have a top of the line board that would not disappoint. Or spend ~$500 for a board with way less torque, less top speed, and non stealthy. I made the mistake of spending too little. I know we all have budgets, but its easy to fall into the false economy of thinking you’ll get by with the cheapest stuff, when in reality, you get a fraction of the performance for little savings. Save up a little more if possible.

If not, sk3 with fvt 120 esc, 6s lipo, imax charger, gt2b controller are there for around $500. That’s your best bang for your buck IMO, but it will leave you wanting more.

The speed you want is usually done with a dual drive. Even my beefy enertion r-spec motor can’t break 18 mph on single motor setup with 6s. 12s might get me to 23 mph, but you’d need 2 motors to get you to 25 mph with ease. Other wise, you’ll reach those speeds only going down hills or with the sk3, maybe on a good strech of flat, but it won’t be instant power from 0-25 mph in a few seconds. My single drive r-spec can only do a measly 13 mph up hill on a 6s. 12s is better, but you need an esc that can do 12s, and those are all very expensive. the sk3 has a higher kv, which means you’ll get more speed than my r-spec, but at the price of torque, and toque is the key to high speeds up hill (even slight uphills). Double the motors means double the torque, and that’s why boards capable of 25 mph+ are usually dual drive setups.


I was looking for your exact set up. Portable board with decent top speed and acceptable range. I went with a 30" deck and 17.5" wheelbase. This just fits psychotillers classic paint tray enclosure.

Inside that I was able to fit two 4s 10,000 mAh multistar batteries wired in series. That coupled with a carvon single hub gets me a top speed of around 28 mph and a range of about 10 miles. I was able to get the batteries cheap (around $30 on sale from hobby king) so the total cost was less that $800. Not sure if I could have gotten the price down much lower than that.

Deck: http://www.restlessboards.com/en/rocksteady-brawlers-deck-longboard.html

ESC: used VESC from Ollins

Batteries: http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/store/_64438__Multistar_High_Capacity_4S_10000mAh_Multi_Rotor_Lipo_Pack_US_Warehouse.html

Enclosure: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171907103639?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

IMO, for a small board like that, it’s better to stick to hub motors since you don’t have a lot of space for components. Just leave that space for your batteries.

But also, I’m using single fvt esc + sk3 on 6s and it goes fast pretty fast, according to strava, I topped off at 26mph. Although I haven’t tried going uphill so I don’t know about it’s climbing capabilities. But it’s better for the wallet.

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sorry man, I don’t mean to knock your motors. I want to test out some things that I haven’t yet which might solve the lack of torque I feel, mainly 12s instead of 10s, and FOC mode instead of BLDC mode. These 2 changes could solve everything. But having over discharged one of my batteries, I need to get a new battery before I can test these ideas.

I know you’ve stuck firmly by your choice of 149 kv motors, but I feel like having an option of 100 kv motor might be good for people in my situation. With hummies hub motors at 80 kv, I get even better torque than my single drive r-spec (190 kv I believe) on a 3:1 ratio. I know your about speed, I am too. But at 80 kv and 12s, I’m limited to about 25 mph. Most of hummies motors are 90 kv, and those can hit 27/28 mph on a 12s. I’m thinking around 100 kv might be better balance. Still hit 30 mph+ but can do the hills I can’t do now with the 149 kv. I know a lot of people are running them at lower voltages, like 6s, which means they hit that sweet spot of about 35 mph. But for those like me who are interested in the gains of 12s, 60+ mph is way faster then could ever be needed. I’d rather sacrifice some of that speed for torque. I don’t think I would want to get this board any wheres past 40 mph ever. I wouldn’t do those speed on but the best roads. And the roads here in sf suck. So having all of this extra speed doesn’t get me from point a to point b any faster. A gain in torque would though, as I could fly up hills faster. I know your happy with the 149kv motors, and they are good motors, I just wanted to give you my opinion as a customer, no offense intended.

My only concern at this point is the issue with the trucks that we have discussed. I thought you were originally intending to swap out the truck and put it on a bigger hanger. But it seems like you sent me back the same truck (as it has the same scratches I had on them as before. I am concerned about it coming back, but I have to give your experience and knowledge the benefit of the doubt.

Would the offer to return them still stand if I test the FOC and 12s, and I still can’t get the torque I need?

You have had great Customer Service, and for that and the solid motors your using, I have steered quite a few people in the past towards your hubs.

Who knows, mabye you can return them and LEver can offer me a refurbished discount :wink:

Appreciate the reply, I remember seeing that board. Could you link the build thread again?

EDIT: Found it

I really wish I could find another board like the spud, I really don’t need or want a tail of any sort, and would like one with the trucks mounted at the very ends

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I’m really liking the look and the power that hummie’s hubs claim to have, but I’m not seeing the refinement and sophistication of yours yet, plus I’ve seen you on ES for a while and he seems kind of like a newcomer upsetting what has been your market, so I think that if I go for hubs i’ll go with yours.

Do you know if I could get a solid ~12 mile range with a top speed of ~22 mph on your single hub? Not very hilly where I live (around Memphis) and I’m looking for a cruiser I can take to say, the beach or college, and get around easily, while still having the wow-factor associated with a tiny skateboard that can hit 20+ mph