Portable Lipo Charging?

I have been thinking lately how would I charge my eboard when im on the move and I can charge from an outlet at my destination so i have enough charge for the trip home. Is there any solutions that would fit in my back pack that can charge my 6s setup from a wall outlet?

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IMAX B6AC. No power supply needed. If that is what you mean. Quite compact as well. Up to 6S.


Yup. That’s basically it. Or just carry extra batteries.

@Chris_KP I use a Thunder AC6 and it’s been great, similar to the one @lox897 mentioned; no need for an additional power supply and reasonably portable. Some folks will risk an occasional unbalanced charge while on the move; you could get one of these chargers and do that. You’d need to keep a close eye on your batteries to make sure they remain balanced or bad things can happen.

Portable charging is one of the main reasons I’m building an 18650 pack with a BMS; so I can easily transport and use a small charger.

You could get a BMS for your battery. This way you wouldn’t need a special balancing charger, just a regular laptop style dc charger.

Yeah, I have this charger, and it’s great. They do have a mini version, but it requires a power supply.

Another vote for the B6AC V2. Also it’s got a DC in so you can charge from a car battery (though I’ve never done it)


Or get a battery medic to go with a simple laptop charger to monitor and balance cells

Honestly this is super simple and cheap.

Maybe a 22 volt supply and put on a plug and ur done. Charges just to 4 volts. Enough to get u back.

I literally just made my own charging box to put in my backpack while im on the go. This little plastic box was from ebay. And i hot glued everything where i needed it and cut the enclosure perfect and now i can literally just plug this thing into the wall and plug the battery in and it all just feels sooooo much more convenient then having messy wires all over the place. Oh and i also did add in the cover with the proper cut outs and it looks great.

I have a pc power supply that out puts 14v at 3A would that work with my turnigy accucell?

can you connect a bms to a lipo and charge with a normal pc power supply?

I like your thinking with this setup.

How do you have your battery medic setup? Do you just keep it plugged in?

Or do you have to setup the battery medic everytime you want to charge?

I use a BMS. Actually have not even got an RC charger just yet. Always charge while nearby and measure cells now and then.