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Possible cheap dual rear eSK8?

Found this video with super cheap chinese links to a 6S esc and batteries ect.
FVT 120A Brushless ESC:

2.4G Transmitter and Receiver:

11.1V 3S 5200mah 25c Lipo Battery:

Tacons for X2 @$70

List for cheap chinese eSK8:
Tacons: $140
ESC X2 : ~$80
Two TQ mounting/ belt kits: $260
TX/RX: $20
Batteries and charger: $60-80
Deck with trucks: $100
Miscellaneous connectors
velcro box for mounting shipping ect: $100
TOTAL: <$800

I also realize you could’ve made a awesome dual hub board with @Hummie motors and used 12S and dual vescs but this is budget. for the heck of it

List for @Hummie dual hub motor on a budget when a set was $200
@Hummie Motors:$200
Deck and trucks:$100
Batteries and charger: $100-200
TX/RX; $50
Extra stuff and shipping: $100

Total: <$800

Just some ideas for cheap stuff as I have a WIP single belt system.

Edit: @Hummie motors are $400 instead of $200 so you can still make a cool board dual rear under $1000

None of those links go to anything

Sorry Ill link the video

The parts list is in the description

That don’t work either.
Put some more effort into it.


Hahahahhaha…link fail lol

Um it works, just highlight that 64 bit tag and search it on google. Click on first youtube video

sorry for the confusion, and the video is kinda bad but interesting parts list inn the description

Dude this is the internet. Ever heard of hyperlinks ?

It’s a link…From the Asian Deep Web…We prob need a secret handshake or something lol

its just really cheap stuff and looks sorta legit, but I dont know how much shipping costs

The actual link for the video that @NNGG is talking about is here.

The receiver link is here.

New website: Hummie motors $265 US Shipped!!! 4 wheels, 2 trucks, 2 hubz!!