Possible component water damage

My battery enclosure is not water tight. Pic below shows what’s going on in the enclosure.

I rode through a puddle that turned out to be more messy than I’d thought it would be. I rode for probably another 10 minutes, before realizing the extent.

Here’s my concern: Before, when I powered on/off with the switch, signal was passed/cut to my meters. Now, my meters won’t turn off. …So I really don’t have a visual indication that I’ve “turned off” anything.

Even more concerning is that when I try to connect the controller, there is a pop sound, as in something is shorting.

It’s been a few days, so everything is dried out. It could be something not water related, but this all happened after that incident. Anyone have any ideas of what might be happening or where to start troubleshooting? TIA

First and foremost does everything still work 100 like before?

in my head a nice case scenario is some ionized water got in and caused a spark and just bounced off.

I’m not too educated on this subject but I’d personally take everything apart dry it up and possibly clean with isopropyl alcohol and then stick it back together for peace of mind. (like you would with a laptop or phone same concept dismantle, dry and reverse damage)

Then implement water resistant measures


put weather strip down on the deck between the enclosure flank and silicon around the edge once closed

Good idea. I’ll dismantle and clean.

Because of the “pop” when I go to connect the battery, I haven’t tried to actually operate it. So we’ll see what happens after I clean, test and reassemble.

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routinely checking your stuff and cleaning is never a bad idea especially when there is water damage risk involved Just don’t expect the spark (on connection) to disappear as that doesn’t sound irregular

(Assuming we’re talking about the connection from ESC to Battery. )