Possible damage from broken capacitors

I just realised that one of my vescs had at least two of it’s caps come loose (possibly all three, but with so much silicon goopped on them I can’t tell). My question is what are the possible symptoms that I might have noticed earlier, and what damage this could have caused? I know this can kill the drv and, I’ve experienced several random vesc crashes. Additionally one of my batteries just died. Can lack of caps kill a 10s battery with a bms? What about a pack without one? This seems like a design problem since these caps can fail with no warning and no immediately obvious signs or symptoms until half the drivetrain is trashed by transient voltage spikes.


Sup, I had this exact same issue with my FlipSky 4.20. Two of my capacitors weren’t even connected! My symptoms were random power cut outs while under load IE Accelerating uphill and also my BMS would randomly shut down. When this happened I needed to turn the board off then back on again.

I fixed the issue by going to town on the connectors with a soldering iron, then used a hot glue gun to make sure the capacitors no longer moved. Also made sure my VESC has some padding around it for shock absorbtion. Board is back to normal working order.

Other VESC brands have the capacitors off the main PCB, I think this is a better design as it allows them to move a bit more freely.