Possible hot-swappable battery enclosure

What do you guys think about these as possible battery enclosures? Obviously some modification would be needed, but I think they have great potential as elegant, sexy looking enclosures (especially when wrapped in carbon fiber) for hot swappable batteries, and maybe even vescs if you can squeeze them in. I will be using it to hold two 4s 5000mah batteries in series, and both options fit. Although, the Nspresso pod holder will only fit really wide boards…


That first case actually looks really clean and tidy

The first one looks cool but maybe a bit heavy ?

How thick is it? As a bonus you get a free cable to strap your trucks to a seat bracket in your car for anti-theft

The gun case is 1.75" thick, while 4s batteries (at least mine are) 1.2" thick. That’s what I was thinking, although I think loop keys are pretty good at that!