Possible to use Backfire hub motors in DIY build?

Background: I’m making a board from scratch and for simplicity I was thinking about buying Backfire Boards hub motors since they come with trucks and are of known quality.

Question: Are these motors are good for DIY projects and how would I connect to an VESC using their 9 pin connector(there is also an option for an MR30 connector). Is there a standard VESC connector I could get an adaptor for or would I have to cut and solder?

Link: Heres one I was looking at but they sell a few different types

Possible? Yes. Good? No.

MR30 would be better. But you can’t make a DIY without knowing how to solder anyway, so you SHOULD be able to put any connector you want on it, yourself. If you can’t do that, then learn how or abort the DIY plans.

Why wouldn’t they be good? Do you have other recommendations for hub motors?

I’m fine with soldering, just didn’t want to do it if unnecessary.

Most DIY builds don’t use hub motors, for reasons.

What are your goals? Do you want to save money? Do you want high performance? Are you wanting a stealth build? Do you want something unique? Do you need to complete a school project?

Oh interesting, I was looking to use hub motors because they would be way cheaper from what I’ve seen. If its not too long to explain, what are the reasons ppl don’t go for hub motors?

Goal: Decent commuter board on a budget(under $500-$600).

Performance: Just for going on paved roads and don’t need crazy speed(anywhere 20+mph is fine).

Stealth: Not sure what that means but doesn’t have to be overly quiet or anything

School Project: haha no, just a personal academic endeavor(thats why I’m making the battery myself)

DIY is more expensive, not less expensive. You will never hit these goals safely unless you buy used stuff and are extremely careful about planning, and plan to spend a year just planning alone. A helmet is already 20% of your budget.

Yeah, I get what you mean, I’ve been looking into this on and off for about six months now and the goal is to be cheap in terms of DIY boards. I’ve already got a Backfire S2 so the goal isn’t to beat that, more of a fun side project for a proof of concept.

Are there any places you could direct me where I could see component lists for other peoples’ builds to gauge what parts others are getting and what they are spending? I’ve looked but haven’t found anywhere that people are posting completed builds with part lists.

esk8.news forums

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There was a used hub drive train posted for sale today for 20EUR

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