Possibly Building Anti Spark Switches

I am interested in building myself some anti-spark switches, but it is rather expensive to build 10. So i was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying some anti spark switches once I have built them. I would charge around $60 free shipping to CONUS. Keep in mind these would be hand soldered and I’m not trying to charge a ton, there kind of expensive to build. You would have to solder your own power wires to it, but i would include the power on push button.

I am not guaranteed to build these, I was thinking about it an thought that others may also want one.

Provide a design, or specs of said design, or walk away.

Antisparks that are poorly designed ( could be the case with yours), or without a precharge circuit, arent worth a dime because they’ll blow up in either minutes, weeks, or months.

@Gamer43 is a proper resource for antisparks. Currently he’s testing the waters of the market on the .news forum for his design.

Tldr: don’t buy antisparks from some random person who hasn’t proven their knowledge


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Sorry, I should have provided more details. I got the design from github. I saw the fungineers on YT used an earlier version. I am also discussing this same thing in the electronics section. The anti-spark switch i would be building are these from github.

Note, I did not design these.

This is an old design and you should really do your homework if you want to make and sell a product on here. These lack a sufficient (read as: robust/beefy) precharge circuit. Like I said above, antisparks without these will fail prematurely. There’s a reason no performance builders, or even the experienced builders building low powered boards, use Vedder based Antispark designs

I won’t say anything more, because at the end of the day it’s your choice to make and sell these, and someone else’s choice to buy them.

Good luck

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That design is good for controlling LED strips, and nothing much else.

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