Post all of your 3d print designs here

I am currently building my first esk8, and having fun using my 3d printer to create stuff for the board. I don’t have any pics yet, but so far I have made some wedge risers, and am currently designing enclosures using onshape. I have seen other people on here using 3d printers for various things and thought it would be cool, to collect them in one place. If you have any designs you would like to share, I would love to see them.

Here are some threads I have found so far.

Wedge Risers:

BadWolf GT2B Controller :

MEB Vanguard Enclosures :

No design/models files included:

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There’s the Kegel pulleys too!

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There’s also the Baby Buffalo Mod which I’m still waiting to try out.


Please use the search, there is already a thread on this.

Someone requested to leave this open because the other thread isn’t very good.

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If there was a tag for STL that you could use along with whatever title you wanted, it would be easier to find any parts on here for 3D printing. How do we go about getting that done, I’m still relatively new here.

For clarification, I’m talking about the tag that you can select up to 5 of when posting a topic.

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We might as well just post the designs in here now. Tag “stl” on your threads.

Here is a pulley cover I found:

Print with Nylon Non squeaky skateboard truck pivot bushing

I posted my enclosure I made for my board.

Couldn’t find another place to posted this without hijacking @mmaner awesome post!

Either way remixed longboard mount to hold remotes also added names to mounts to organize boards

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Awesome, hijack away brother :grinning: