Post your crashes stories here, + my long story CRASH VIDEO INCLUDED

Man when i got my first shortboard i had 0 idea about riding safety and since my range was garbage i used to take the bus to the top of this massive hill that was like 2-3 miles long and was steep as hell and at the end it would lead straight into a highway intersection, my shortboard had a piece of shit half broken hub motor so brakes were non existent on decline i would usually just ride the momentum until the bottom of the hill where it would straighten out and i would have a couple hundred meters to slow down and the hub brake would finally be usable right before going into a round intersection leading straight into the highway, now since im still here typing this you should know that i didnt crash otherwise i would be asphalt sponge, looking back on it now i had no idea what the hell i was thinking bombing a hill with a broken board and no helmet, the occasinal car would pass by and i would just make the peace sign while they probably were like wtf, i used to do this like 1-2 times a week aswell i probably used up all the luck for the rest of my life

anyway im probably never going back that hill again even with a new board i just know all it takes is one fall and im getting run over or rolling down at 30mph until i look like a used up eraser

now onto my actual crash story, ive had some small falling off the board moments but this is probably the biggest one, i was skipping school on a regular day just having my chill e skate cruise and found this park a couple miles away with yet again you guesed it, a nice hill, it wasnt super long but it was more than enough to get you some pumping adrenaline, what i didnt realize is that the hill wasnt straight, at the bottom it curved to the right pretty hard, so here i was jumping on my board ready to hit this mf like it was nascar with no helmet, picked up speed all nice and good and after like 20-30 seconds i was probably going a good 20 mph, well here comes the right curve and i start turning, i realize that im going too fast to be able to make any significant turn, so i engage full brake mode while attempting to steer the board to the right, right then with all that momentum thrown around my board starts drifting sideways and shoots me off forward, i attempt to walk it off and after a couple steps i dive towards the ground rolling a few times, it hurt like a mf and some black guys ran towards me to see if im good, my board shot into a tree but was ok, luckly i only had a few bruises and a ruined jacket and was able to walk it off after sitting for 15 minutes, as for why i was recording with my phone i have a few videos of me cruising but bombing a hill while recording was a whole different type of challenge

video> imgur

riding fine after a few days> imgur


wear a helmet. Always.

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i dont know whats worse that injury or your balding

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I wish you were in the same room as me.

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dam bro… that your noggin?

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Yes indeedy petey. From a while back. 3mph crash, about took me out.

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