Post your Hummie deck builds

I was just wondering about the two enclosures I ask about in the question above about the hummie deck. I’m not sure on which deck I’ll get yet hopefully ur answer will help that decision out but I’m also looking at that markoneboards manta ur creating a enclosure for also. Battery is my concern.

The really big enclosure only really helps on the Hummie deck if you can widen the battery compartment on the deck. You would then need to reinforce the deck. The 37mm version suits the original Hummie cutout.

You have got a nice set of e-gears there! It’s a pretty insane one! Just be sure that it’s built to last and gives you that precision and speed. Those are some of the things we ought to consider once we build a DIY e-gear or purchase one online. These halo boards are such fun things to incorporate during a boring day. Keep safe, riding!

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