Potato revolution

There seems to be a lot of Jet Potato’s popping up lately. Most seem to be the 29" Spud. A little too small for what I wanted to do. Opted for the 33" Potato. This build was to replace a board that caught fire. One of the Lipo batteries decided to burn. Fortunately, everything else was fine (except some burnt wiring and scorched enclosure) including the board. Took the drive train, electronics and mounted it on the Potato. Did have to come up with a new wood enclosure. The only change up on the drive train was the use of 90mm wheels vs 97mm’s. Drive train consists of a single Turnigy 192kv motor, 18T:36T ratio, 15mm pulleys, 12s 8000mah Lipos. Love this set-up with the new board. As with my previous board, this drive train combination easily climbs hills and can go 30mph+ speeds on my 165lbs frame. Not too sure if using the 90mm wheels if I’ll hit 30mph speeds anymore. .


Hey man, i have a question, i currently bought some parts, i have 18-36 gearing ratio but i still haven’t a motor to try if the belt is Long enough to jeep everything together (265 or 270 mils), how does It fit your mounts? Thanks in advance

The belt I’m using is a 285. Best to double check for yourself. Psychotiller has a link on his web site with calculating belt size.

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Thanks, found It eventually and already bought new belt!