Potential fake charger and buyer wants refund(RESOLVED)

I need some help on how to handle an issue. I’ll let @PXSS explain first however

I sold him a “fake IMAX b6 charger” and he wants a refund which I am willing to comply with however first It would be helpful if the community can verify that this charger is cheap and useless and how I should go about this return. It’s only $15 so I’m not angry or anything but I am trying to work with a customer threatening to take PayPal protection action or something​:joy::joy:

It’s only $15

Yes however he would liek me to pay for return shipping which I told him he would have to pay for

If theres a serial number you can look it up to see if its genuine or fake.

oh nice! never thought of that

The serial number is on the holographic label on the back, you can look it up here: http://www.skyrc.com/antifake/indexen.php

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sadly it is a fake then it had a hologram sticker but not like that. Is it fair for buyer to pay return shipping?

Yes. I bought a charger from Will. I requested for him to verify it was an authentic SkyRC iMax B6, reason being that the fakes are known to overcharge batteries. I asked of him to provide pictures of the back as the chargers originals have a hologram sticker with the serial number on them, to which he replied, “I checked it and it’s authentic” I figured I would trust him and went ahead with the purchase.

As some others in the forum have noticed and can attest, I am pretty anal about protecting my batteries mainly because it’s part of my full time job and I’ve seen how much damage an exploding battery can do.

Here are some pictures of the authentic.

The one @willpark16 sent me.

if you described it as SkyRc and it is a fake, Then you described it incorrectly and should pay for return shipping. Because it is not as described and that is sufficient cause for a PayPal claim.

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There are several things you can notice straight away, no mention of SkyRC and no hologram sticker in the back. After doing research last night, it turns out that the fakes leave the protection part of the circuit unpopulated and also tend to overcharge cells as they use lower quality parts.

I have not done anything other than opening the box it was shipped in and take pictures of it to send to Will. If I run it with a multimeter attached I am sure I can also prove that it overcharges, but I really don’t want to use it even once.

I offered Will for us to split the cost of me shipping it back. It was his mistake but I am also not an Ahole that doesn’t understand that mistakes happen. We would both lose money from the transaction but it would be even.

He refused, said that he would not pay for return shipping nor he would refund my money until I had shipped it back and he had verified that I had not tampered with it.

I said “That’s not okay for me” and explained that I could either get a refund and both of us lose a few bucks from the transaction or I could file a paypal claim, from what I’ve read online they require that you destroy the fakes in orderto process a refund.

So it came down to we both lose a few bucks for a crappy transaction (which I was not at fault for) or I ask paypal for my money back and he not only loses the charger but also gets a ding to his account

I am not angry with @willpark16. He sold me some other parts which I would not be able to complete my girlfriend build without but as stated before take battery protection very seriously.

I understand it’s only $15 but it’s also money I could use to buy my puppy meds or take my girlfriend out to the movies. I work hard for my money and some may think it’s ridiculous but I stand my ground.

I think seller should pay return shipping


I’m sure he thought that he was in fact selling an authentic SkyRc charger. Shame on companies that produce and sell counterfeits that are not easily identified as such.

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i was gonna just agree to the split but if its a fake(which i had no idea when i boughjt off amazon) it serves no use to me. I’ll issue the refund to u and u can have a dangerous souveneir, my bad for it being a fake truly had no idea!! @PXSS

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You should take it up with amazon then, unless it said in the ad there as it being genuine.

after shipping and phone calls it would cost me more than it was worth

Amazon does have a very good customer service… who knows what you might get back.

true… ill take it up with @PXSS

A good tip when buying from Amazon.
If the item is shipped by Amazon, even if its from a 3rd party seller. Amazon will stand behind it and if there is a problem, Amazon will make it right. If the item is sold and shipped by 3rd party, Amazon will not stand behind it.