Potting the vesc

`I’ve always wanted to pot in clear resin my vescs and receiver and wires because it would be a physically protective case protecting from ricochetting rocks and theoretically stop me from having constant deadly electrical issues and it would look super cool. i haven’t been able to commit because I’m too afraid I’d be encasing a component that needs to breath and disipate heat or it would change the capacitance of something and cause a problem. I plan to just keep the fets exposed and put some stick-on hest sinks on them. Hope that’s enough protection for them

I almost used simply a layer of softsulfur-free silicone and then polyurethane but am thinking this stuff is more intended for the purpose and be safer:

I’m just about to get some and have gotten approval from people who know electronics and the vesc but wanted to throw it out there one last time and see if anyone screams don’t do it

And would any of the components have a problem going in my vacuum chamber down to 29.5 inches of mercury?


Theres some math formulas on this site but way beyond me

I’d maybe keep the mini-usb plug holes. I’d like to snap off all the plastic plugs too but hear that’s a bad idea. Maybe snap them off and clean up the area making sure there’s nothing touching?


@Hummie This is probably pretty obvious, but since the Fets of VESC have the potential to heat up during use, I think you’d need to understand how the resin responds to increasing temperatures, and also its capacity to dissipate heat.

I love the idea of my VESC being protected in a solid cube, it seems like it would be a lot more durable.

you could always pot it but leave a bowl over the fets so that a heatsink could be added.

Yea the fets I’ve heard will possibly get hot and I’m gunna give a feel on everything after a hard run and see, but is capacitance possibly an issue? I’d hate to find out the hard way.

you could possibly use heat pipes like what they use in laptops for the fets. that way they can be encased but still get rid of the heat

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Pot them with a heat sink, for science

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I like this simpler way potting with the heatsinks on. More robust Be ordering the potting goo tonight. It’s gunna look aweeessssooome…and functional. That heatsink will be coming outside the goo. Not sure if you’re kidding and telling me to stick it in

China negotiating all night. Ugh. They are after the dollar over there. Price jumped 10$ for me and the deal is they will sell to others the same design but for 10$ more than me. I guess that’s ok.

Well, potting with a heat sink is better than without, i guess, that was my for science comment. But having a heatsink that sticks out of the potting sounds like a good compromise.

But the vesc seems like a real pita to pot though… To many entry points (wires and connectors) a good conformal coating and heat shrink is an easier solution

I’m gunna program it and then call it done and sink it all. Playing with the adjustable features is cool but not needed. I’d like to pull all the plugs off too

I have been tempted to pot the high-output VESC. Happy to see someone is finally going for it!

if you have luck with this, i’d be very interested in trying it out with some of the west 105/207 i have. Could you imagine them potted inside the deck but exposed just under the clear grip from the surface? i mean shit that would be amazing, especially with the LEDs’ light refracting through it at night while its on and blinking and stuff.

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@Hummie[quote=“Hummie, post:9, topic:3149”] I’m gunna program it and then call it done and sink it all. [/quote]

It’s bold man! I admire your dedication to this! I would be thinking “What if I want to change remotes, motors, or other controls?” I guess I tinker a lot. Maybe you could pot it with the USB port still available, and then put rubber a grommet over it?

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… haven’t potted the vescs but did pot the batterie in 90 duro. It’s all pressure connections and I used duct tape to hold the pressure while the rubber cured. It’s flexible. Hope the connections hold

Just have to glue them onto the board with t he same rubber. The board has a polyurethane coating and a bit of sanding and it’ll stick well

Not as clean looking as i wanted but I’m already onto a better mold that will simplify and clean it up. This was a lot more work than I think the vescs will be

Bro we should call you @Hummie Potter or the Mad Potter or something

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after the electeic skatebpaed fantssy. beleive, in some value system, esthetics of design, we are all similar. the simplicity. efficiency.

i now want the watt meter glowing in front of me. goggle glas failed but now i want it. see how efficient my aero tuck is

So much dancing juice in this post

just trying to sound drunk.

but the scoops for the holes to suck air, hsve to do scoops on outside i think. du

Pressure connections? So the cells aren’t soldered together?

No soldering. Just pressure with rubber and copper strip. It’s flexible and I can bend it in my hands. I’ll glue them on tonight.

Not sure how I feel about that but if it. Works it works