Power is lower than it used to be?

Hey all. I have a quick question and would be interested to hear your thoughts. I’ve just finished some upgrades to my batteries and after a slew of other problems, have gotten my board up and running. My problem is that today after fully charging my board and taking it for a spin, the power (torque) it is delivering is maybe 1/3 of what it was yesterday. The board can’t even get to full speed unless I’m going downhill on a smooth road. Any thoughts on what went wrong? I haven’t modified any settings on BDLC since last week.

Have you measure all your cells voltage ?

Agree with @Silverline - check cell voltages. If nothing else changed, most likely to impact power would be lower voltage.

However - what “upgrades” and “problems” specifically? Might suggest other things to check/troubleshoot.

Do you have another battery to swap in and test? Process of elimination…


Yes each was at 4.15 Volts after balance charging

Thanks, I had a bunch of problems with the nano-x and then just some things with my enclosure. Don’t think it’s related but I guess maybe. As far as the upgrade, I went from a 6S1P Lipo system to a 6S2P system for some extra range.

Unfortunately I don’t have another battery to compare

Maybe the max throttle has been lowered on the remote? recalibrate it

Hummmm… It’s probably the opposite. The nano-x as to be calibrated each time you connect it to your receiver… for doing so, you just have to push full trottle and then full brake.

Did you flip the slow speed switch on the remote?

my remote still calibrates wrong sometimes so the throttle is limited

Well now I feel dumb haha! I never knew what that switch did

Thanks for all the replies! Happy it wasn’t a big issue

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