Power Supply for Imax B6

Can I use a Toshiba power supply to power my Imax B6? Thanks. I will add pictures if needed.

Can’t be over 18v, most laptop chargers are 19.5v which is to high.

Oh ok its 19v :unamused: Thanks for the help though.

I know the limit for the input is 11-18v but could I do 9 till a power supply comes in?

Probably not, it’s most likely gonna throw an error that the input voltage is too low.

I have a box of old wall outlet power supplies from old electronics (you can probably find one in the trash somewhere), and i spliced it into the input wire that was provided. I think i used a 12v one. It works well but i decided to switch to a lion bms system cause balance charging was a hassle.

I have a 13.5v power supply and im gonna chage out the connector