Power Switch Question

Hello fellow e-boarders, Most car escs come with a switch (for example Torque’s 6s esc). Is it possible to replace that switch with something easier on the eyes (like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/16mm-12V-Car-Silver-Aluminum-LED-Power-Push-Button-Metal-ON-OFF-Switch-Latching-/311438581192?hash=item48832f9dc8:g:qKUAAOSwgQ9V6Xl5) without the need for additional parts?

you can do exactly that with one of the DIY kits. its documented pretty well on this forum if you search a bit.


I am aware of that kit, but can it be done without it? Perhaps the esc steps down the voltage on the switch? Can anyone test it with a multimeter?

oh, you just want to pull out the switch on the ESC and replace it? sure. any switch so long as its not momentary should do that.

however I’d recommend a separate power switch to the one on the ESC. for safety.

is it ok to tap into the esc power switch?

Its ok. But I prefer to leqve the ESC switch on always and then use a circuit breaker to switch and isolate the battery at the same time.

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is an xt60 key a good idea? I’ve seen some people do that on es it seems an easy but affective way

yeah thats a good way to do it. even better to use the anti spark XT90.

Red and white start the esc, black and white is for programming mode (on the fvt120). I did this a while back and it worked. Thought it’d be useful to post here.

I doubt this. Black is most probably ground, red + and white the data line (which acts as some sort of second ground if you cut black.

I verified this with a multimeter, and it works on my setup. Why are you doubting all of my posts today?

Lol - was not intentional. I don’t pay attention to who posts stuff but only react to the actual post. I just have the same setup on my ESC and color coding is usually somewhat defined with black almost always being ground and red +. But if it is like that on your ESC then fine - on mine it is not. Something to keep in mind that there might be different setups out there.

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I’m talking about the FVT120. Other escs may have a different power switch implementation.

that link no longer shows the “how to” instructions. Can someone post a how to for the proper wiring and schematic for the push button power switch that is going to be installed between the battery pack and the ESC?

I believe the link was to this: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/

for instance my esc has two reds and a white. how would I add a switch that has red black green yellow and blue?

Got a picture?

take a wild guess.