Powering a BMS 6s

Hello, so I am new to the bms territory. If I have a 6s BMS that is labeled as 25.2V, can I use it with a lower voltage power supply? For example, would a 24v power supply work?

yes, but you will not charge your batteries 100%

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Up to 24v. It wouldn’t fully charge the batteries

And it needs to be a charger not a powersupply

It will not balance the cells if only charged to 24v as most bms modules balance the cells at around 4.19v

Okay, but where can I get a cheap 25.2v charger for the bms?

eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and banggood I think have them

not high quality but it does the job.

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You can’t use a power supply to charge lithium batteries. It needs to be a lithium charger. Lithium chargers run in constant current mode (with variable voltage) until target voltage is reached, then change to constant voltage (variable current)

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Thanks for that!

If he has a 6s Li ion Pack with a BMS he can use the power supply i linked ?! the bms should step down the constant when the cells are nearly full.

Pls tell me if i´m miss conceptioning something.

If it is a bestech bms it will balance when any of the end voltages has been hit on any cell

Yes but it won’t balance them properly because they will all be around 4v per cell which isn’t even close to 4.2v

Yes, anyways the problem is not the bms it is his power supply

Yep, totally agree with that. Unless you can lower the balance voltage to 4v it won’t work very well. He would also lose range because the pack won’t be getting its full capacity

You did not link a power supply. You linked a lithium charger.

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So I just have to connect the power supply to the bms?