Ppm problems... any advice is appreciated

No matter what receiver i use, both my focboxes will not seem to work??? Worked fine last night and this morning, the remote connects but nothing works… even when i am on the vesc app, i get no activity from my remote. image

Check the ppm wires on the focboxes. More times than not, I’ve had the solder joints break.

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I actually took out the focboxold school vesc x so now im using a servo cable. Actually got it to work by loading the default settings… i guess i had accidentally pressed or changed something. Gonna check the solder points on the focbox now

Nevermind!!! As soon as i closed it up it started again. Remote wouldnt connect and when I opened everything and checked the connection everything is fine??? Im losing my marbles trying to get this to work…

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Lost marbles are a side-effect of electric skateboard engineering.