Practical allroader (Advice needed: Voltage/Capacity? Charging?) | Lush Grifter 3D | Dual VESC | Dual Alien Drive (190kv 6355 motors)| Oranegatan Wheels, Paris V2's | Alien Controller

Hey Guys,

New to the E-Board game, currently gathering the parts for my 1st build. Looking to build something to use for liesure journeys in my hilly area instead of using my bike or walking. Distances will be less than 5miles mostly, but there will be very little flat or smooth ground in those commutes, Advice would be greatly appreciated.

My Parts Bin so far is: Lush Grifter 3D Board (35.5" x 9.9" with 27" wheelbase) x2 VESC (from Alien Power Systems Dual Motor 63mm Drive Alien Power Systems 190kv 6355 motors (2) Paris V2 Trucks APS Remote & Reciever orangatang 80mm wheels

…now trying to workout the power supply.

Thoughts so far are: x3 Mulitstar 4s 10000mah LIPOs - 12S system and using xt60’s to make a series chain and and xt90 to link to the VESC’s with an XT90 as a power key to turn on/off.

Charging i was going to use a Turingy Accucell 6 and charge the LIPOs in series (i was thinking of using XT60 parallel splitters on each Multistar pack to have a series chain to the VESCs (via the power key) and a parallel chain linked to a balance charge board and another exterior mounted xt60 connector & Balance lead.

Any wrong thinking in my plan?

Thanks in advance for all your advice.



Get a 10S battery for 190KV and VESC


@ajaynagra whats the thinking… more reliable?

is the best battery options for this x2 5s lipos? (replaceable etc…)

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12S is a bit much for the VESC.

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Thank you for your help.

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LiPO are designed for high discharge capability such as 12C and up. Discharging at 12C would mean fully discharged in 5 mins. They have a shorter cycle life than Li-ion cells and are the least safest with a reputation for catching fire. I would recommend Li-ion such as 30Q’s, they can still provide a high current for short bursts and give fairly high capacity at normal running load. Check the specs of the vesc, most are rated upto 12S.

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