Prebuilt or Cheap Ass DIY Board (want to trade)

i’ve got some shit to trade: indestructible psycho mount (already on hanger) arbor paris mount (already on hanger) repaired enertion vesc (ppm wires fixed) psychotiller coupe enclosure (hole cut in it) used xbox one (lol) scuf xbox controller (needs new $14 backplate)

i’ll post pics in a few. looking for anything really for a backup board. meepo, china direct, doesn’t feally matter to me

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Ummmmmmmmmm wut?

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wheres the confusion

xbox one is legit! just got one for my gf, or i would bro. for me its pc master race :slightly_smiling_face:

same here :slight_smile: thats why its for trade :wink:


honestly though, i havent had any time to game, it seems like id rather be outside or building :man_mechanic:

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whatchu know about them chicken dinners

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He’s one of those victory royale losers