Preferred DIY Enclosure?

With tons of options out there to hold and protect all of our prized electronics, what have you used, and are your go-to enclosures?

I like psychotiller enclosures personally :slight_smile:


@psychotiller and @RunPlayBack make DIY enclosures, I would use one of them! ADS also sells some. Or, a lunchbox!

I like to fiberglass mine custom for whatever build i’m currently working on. It’s messier and more work, but i think the end result is pretty damned sweet. I usually end up with a pretty tough box and at around 1mm thick its thin and sexy.


@psychotiller enclosures, for sure.


I have been making my own custom enclosures from carbon fibre.


Those are pretty sweet, too.

i drawed this last weekend for my space cell but my printer cant handle it. maybe ill slice that to 3 parts with somekind clip-on connetion

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I build a vacuum forming machine BUT i cannot get it to form correctly so I just used a heat gun and bent the sheets of HIPS to the shape i wanted. and it is connected to the board via neo magnets. 9 partial holes drilled in the deck, magnets glued in to the deck to be flush. And then 9 magnets on the box to clamp it on the deck very tightly! works perfectly.

@barajabali what size neo magnets and how did you get them to stay on your plastic enclosure?

1/4 inch thick and 1/5 inch diameter round magnets.

And i used gorilla glue and then i painted the enclorsure so they dont move

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Here’s my duel VESC case for my latest build. 3D printed case and vac formed cover, will be wrapping in black or carbon vinyl. Can’t decide yet :joy:


Sweet !
So you 3D printed the mold for the vacforming ?

Cheers Tom!

No I used a CNC MDF mold for the vac form then printed the abs case separately. Here’s some more pics :slight_smile:


That’s so clean! I’m assuming you’ll have a second case on the opposite end for the batteries? Or will you be running SPACE cell?

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Yeah I’ve got another case to go on the front I’m running braided cables under the grip tape so the two cases are separate as my deck is pretty flexy. Thanks for your kind comments. :smile:


This is the battery case freshly formed.


nice. looks pretty.

Wow! They look stunning! Hmmmmmm, maybe you should make some more and sell them. I know a couple of people on ES that wanted some boosted style enclosures.

My DIY 10s4p enclosure.