Presentation and nooby questions about brakes

Hi, I’m new here, my english is bad, but I’ve been browsing the forum for a long time :slight_smile: I don’t know how to skate but I love sports in general and I’m a maker and love programming and electronics. I was thinking about making an e-bike since a long time but I could not ignore the joy of riding a mountainboard. A friend of mine made a small park behind his house and we used to try jumping and consuming jeans falling off trying things. Now I saw the “new” VESCS… I love the open-source/open-hardware and this thing is amazing, I’ve decided, I’ll try :smiley:

My doubt is about brakes, when I tried there were no brakes and was fun on the mountainboard but considering I would like to use as daily transport (4 to 8km ride partially gravel) I dont’ know if the engine brake could be enough for safety riding in traffic and for the descents in the city (-100m to -300m 25%max). The other is about the deck itself, do you have any suggestion? If electronics and mechanics are not a problem I dont’ even know where to start and what to consider for this, I’m 65kg… Thank you in advance

Motor braking is more than enough to ride in traffic.

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